Weekends and weekdays and weekends and weekdays…

Another great weekend, another looong week. This seems like the pattern these days.

Good Weekend:

Both of the girlfriends, Shelly and M, visited kellyv and I for the weekend. M and Shelly get along with one another absolutely wonderfully,which is a happy thing indeed. Shelly also marks just as nicely under a flogger as she does under a crop. 🙂

Sunday, we also had the distinct pleasure of meeting sunyata__ for the first time. sunyata__ is a very cool person. She’s witty, she’s smart, she’s outgoing, and she’s a lot of fun to talk to.

She’s cute, too. 🙂

We all five got Thai food and headed out to PolyTampa, where I bought a Basic Stamp and programming kit from a friend of mine, with the express purpose of using it to develop prototype programmable “smart” sex toys.

It’s time for sex toys to move into the Information Age, dammit.

Long Week:

Going to a convention in Miami at the end of the week; I’ll be demonstrating prepress software for one of my clients. Will it be fun? No. With a bit of luck, Shelly will be able to join me for some of the time I’ll be there, but I’m still not especially looking forward to the trip.

The Future:

I’m becoming somewhat disenchanted with the career path I’m on, particularly in light of the fact that I could be making a great deal of money elsewhere, such as by doing application support for Adobe. My company’s growth has been stalled for the past six months or so by the sour economy (thank you, George Dubya), and the business I really want to focus on, high-tech sex toys, has been stymied by lack of capital.

Astonishing as it seems, I could almost see myself working for Adobe. It would certainly provide a boost in my income while freeing up resources to dedicate to the things I want to be doing. Advertising and prepress work is becoming a drag, especially in light of the economic conditions, and I don’t believe I’m going to make as much doing it as I want.

kellyv and I have started considering attending the upcoming Florida Poly Retreat, which originally we weren’t planning to attend. But we’ll be able to share cabin space with smoocherie, fritzcat66, and Shelly. smoocherie has also invited me to sit on a panel, which could be interesting. So kellyv and I are thinking it’s a go.

It will be interesting to spend time with smoocherie and fritzcat66. I don’t really know smoocherie as well as I would like, though I do know fritzcat66 a bit better and find him philosophically quite enlightened.

Hmm. So: Adobe or my own prepress company? Is there a market for smart sex toys?