Thunder & Lightning…

This morning. 8AM. One of my clients calls me ont he phone. “Franklin? You have a snake, right? Do you want a fifteen-foot python? My husband’s friend runs an animal rescue shelter, see, and…”

I should have known then.

L. called me soon thereafter. She is having a great deal of difficulty with this long-distance polyamorous relationship thing, and it breaks my heart to see her so unhappy.

Later, on my way back from a client’s site, it’s a hot and muggy Florida afternoon, when without warning the heavens open up and it starts pouring down hail.

Hail. In Florida. Like, chunks of ice as big around as my little finger.

I’m driving home through a blinding hailstorm, and Pow! The car two cars in front of me gets nailed by a lightning bolt from the heavens. The bolt is so close I can hear the snap, smell the ozone, and the thunderclap feels like it’s going to make my head cave in.

When L. is sad, the heavens and the earth feel it.

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