Getting back to normal

Bumper sticker of the week:
“Well-behaved women rarely make history.”


L. is back in California, after a week visiting us. Yesterday, she sent us flowers:

It was an intense, turbulent week, all about extremes. Parts were very good, parts were not so good, nothing was mediocre. (Not that I would have expected it to be; L. is highly passionate, and nothing about her is mediocre. But even by the standards of our relationship, it was quite a ride.)

My wife kellyv and M. were both quite patient with both of us, which was really nice. L. and M. got along even better than I had expected them to, which was also quite nice. The downside: It will probably be six months before we can see each other again, and I suck at long-distance relationships.

L. took this picture of me while she was here:

I would very much like to take her with me on a photo shoot.