Home again, home again…

After almost three weeks away visiting relatives, my wife kellyv is once again home. It was both a long and a short three weeks–long because three weeks is a long time to be without one’s mate, short because lacaba kept me quite busy. You’d think a long-distance relationship would pose a barrier to nonstop kinky exploration, but you’d be wrong. 🙂

Highlights and lowlights of the week (you decide):

– Seeing Spider-Man, the movie. They didn’t fuck it up, but they didn’t transcend the comic book cliches either. All in all, an aggressively mediocre movie. You wo’t hate it, but neither will you find anything novel or surprising in it; it’s entertaining but predictable and bland.

– McDonald’s. Way too many times. I NEED to learn to cook.

– The other girlfriend M. cooking me breakfast, which was very sweet, as she is almost as kitchen-impaired as I am; and nursing me through a nasty bout of food poisoning from, oddly enough, a restaurant that wasn’t McDonald’s.

– M. smoking my ass at video games all night long when we went to the arcade. No shit. I didn’t win once.

In the Realm of the Senses. A Japanese movie about an obsessive, destructive sexual relationship between a 1930’s Japanese man and one of his servant-girls. Weird, unsettling, and Ballardesque. Quite good, really.

Say what?

ALL the Sesame Street characters can see the Snuffleupagus now? WtF? I always thought the whole point of Snuffleupagus was that he was a figment of Big Bird’s imagination.

So did a bunch of angry parents get together and demand that Snuffleupagus should be real, because otherwise children might learn to be imaginitive and creative, or did everyone on the Street start taking drugs?