Fun with Technology

Back in the day, Apple made a computer called the Apple //c, which came with a tiny 9″ black and green monitor that had, for some strange reason I can’t identify, a composite video jack on the back.

What that means is you can feed a regular TV signal, like from a DVD player or VCR, into the monitor, and you’ll see a coarse, green and black picture. No sound, but you’ll see the picture.

Yesterday evening, I mentioned this to my friend Eric, who immediately demanded that we watch the DVD version of The Matrix on it. And yes, it rocks! The Matrix was MADE to be seen this way.

Then it occured to me that my digital camera has a standard video-out jack on it. And yes, connecting my digital camera to the monitor produced a weird, low-resolution green-and-black picture.

So I grabbed my wife’s video camera, and took a picture of the picture being played back from my video camera. The result:

I really like this effect. I think I’m going to use it in a shoot I’m doing this week. I want to put an image of the model on the green and black monitor and have her holding the monitor during the shoot.