What I Wanted To Do This Week

• Write.

What I Did This Week

• Helped zaiah through the death of her horse.

• Mixed and poured slightly over half a ton of concrete by hand.

• Broke into a house and kidnapped a timber wolf to protect her from someone who was abusing her, resulting in wolf-paw prints in freshly-poured concrete.

• Dealt with a broken washing machine. So. Much. Water.

• Replaced wiring in the bedroom walls.

• Got sawdust all over the clothes in the closet during the rewiring job. Good thing we have a washing machine…oh, wait.

• Installed a new washing machine, carefully lifting it over fresh, still-curing concrete.

• Painted new hardware for the windows.

• Dealt with police officers and K-9 dogs tramping through our back yard searching for a suspect.

• Re-painted window hardware that a police officer stepped on while the paint was still wet.

• Had a difficult conversation with a good friend who did something hurtful to me.

• Learned I now need reading glasses.

A do-over on this week would be nice.