Wrapping up my T-shirt business…

It’s never been terribly profitable, and I’m getting a bit tired of keeping all the inventory in my closet. So, I’m getting rid of all of it. So, if you’re looking for a fun, socially unacceptable T-shirt, or a perfect gift to give someone geeky in your life, now’s your chance!

I’m selling out all my remaining inventory at ten bucks a shirt. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. I may re-start at some point in the future with a print-on-demand service, but for right now I’m just getting rid of all of it. This includes the popular “poly dragon” and “nanohazard” designs.

A bunch of other designs, too! You can find them all here.

24 thoughts on “Wrapping up my T-shirt business…

  1. I do not want to take away any business from , but if you want the polydragon shirt in a size he is out of, since he is no longer printing new sizes, visit http://www.polytees.com for one. But please, anyone else reading this, help out Tacit and buy from him before coming to me!

  2. Good to know, I will have to remember this for when I have spendable income again. Just losing my job and a shirt I can only wear to a few places is low on the priority list. *sigh*

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