Chicago bound!

Leaving for Chicago this evening, and I have the paralyzing fear that I’m forgetting something. Spent last night frantically packing: Toothbrush, check. Clothes, check. Camera, check. Floggers, check. Handcuffs, check. Rope, check. Needles, check. Shampoo, check. Crops, check. Njoy probe, check.

It’s going to be a very busy trip. There are a bunch of you folks I’d like to see, and dayo and I were thinking about a big dinner get-together thing on Monday. scathedobsidian, amorsalado, purplebard, does that work for you? (I already know cunningminx won’t be there.) Anyone else on my flist in the Chicago area interested?

We’re also planning to be at GD on both Friday and Saturday night. (whee!) Also, looking forward to spending a bit of time with sulenda, who charmed my socks off last time I was there. (whee!)

And oh, such evil as has never been seen under the sun must needs be done to dayo, oh my yes. Mad scientist jacket and rubber gloves, check.

But I still feel like I’m forgetting something…

[EDIT] minniethemoocha nailed it. I forgot my phone charger! Frack! Now I have to stop by the apartment again on the way to the airport.