In which Franklin gets all Medieval on the weekend’s ass

This has been a hella productive past few days, and I am well and truly pleased.

The first chapter of the book on polyamory is done, finished, put a fork in it. Proposals have been sent out. Chpter 2 is started. Chapter 3 is halfway done.

Downed the first two bosses in Serpentshrine Caverns and the first two bosses in Tempest Keep with my new raiding guild. My mage rocks like a rocky thing. It’s just a pity she’s Alliance.

Got a surprise phone call on Friday. The attacks against iPower Web, which are not only ongoing but are getting more sophisticated (since I wrote that last, the number of compromised iPower sites has surged again), are coming to the attention of iPower’s customers. I received a phone call from a woman whose site had been hacked (twice!), and she had iPower on the phone when she called me.

The tech support monkeys at iPower told her that–get this–there’s no vulnerability on their servers, and that her account was compromised because the attackers brute-forced her FTP password. Which was…err, sixteen characters, both letters and numbers, long.


Anyway, she gave them the what-for and pulled all her sites off iPower. Maybe if they start losing enough customers, they’ll fix their damn security.

And on the subject of Web sites, I’ve updated mine. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I have a book in print and can’t keep tinkering with it.

Last night, David and I tried playing as a team against six computer opponents in Age of Empires II. High difficulty, lowest resource setting. It was a humiliating debacle. We well and truly got our asses handed to us. Barely made it into the Imperial Age before the computer’s armies closed around us and systematically scraped us off the map.

In two weeks I’ll be in Chicago; planning to be there from the 19th through the 24th. Looking forward to spending time with dayo and scathedobsidian, I know you’ll be around. amorsalado, purplebard, will you guys be available?