Google Poetry

Stolen blatantly from Greta Christina’s blog: Google poetry!

If you have a Web site or a blog and you can see your stats, put together a free-verse poem using only Google keyword searches that folks used to find your site. This one comes from Google queries that ended up on my personal site. Ready? Here we go!

kinky sex ideas
piqued my interest
bdsm + polyamory
bdsm tube
sex scenarios
polyamorous relationships
put me in bondage
dealing with jealousy
intj compatibility
whet my appetite
being a dom
evil overlord
orgasm denial techniques
two girlfriends
low and behold meaning

So today I updated my ecommerce software, updated the blogging software and created a new theme for Whispers which I think makes it easier to read (let me know what you think!), and started work on a new section for the Symtoys site. Not a bad day’s work, considering I still feel like crap.

Apparently, I kept joreth awake all night last night, and not even in the fun way. Seems I was stuffed up enough to be snoring all night. And this after she was kind enough to let me copy her entire Firefly collection–I still, to this very day, haven’t seen every episode.