Um, yeah.

So a while ago, both dayo and joreth reported they’d found some typos in the sex ideas section of my Symtoys Web site.

Yesterday, I ran a spell checker on the entire site–first time I’ve ever done that.

More than 200 typos and misspelled words later… Yeah, so my typing sucks. Oy!

I’ve noticed a distinct pattern to my typos, though. The most common typo I make is a dropped letter, like “dsappoint” instead of “disappoint” (for some reason, I drop vowels and the letter H more often than any other letters), and transposed letters (oyu instead of you, hte instead of the). I can type about 90 words a minute, but I never learned to touch type; it’s 90 words a minute of hunt-n-peck.

I wonder if it’s too late to learn to type properly. I’d have to unlearn literally 30 years of bad habits.