What is it about Texas?

Is the entire state insane? Retarded? Just really really dumb?

OK, so as most everyone on the Internets knows by now, the fine citizens of Waco, Texas booed Bill Nye for saying that the moon reflects the sun’s light and doesn’t produce light of its own. One woman reportedly hauled her kids from the auditorium and shouted “We believe in God!” or some such thing.

Well, okay, that’s Waco, the smelly end of the Bible Butt Plug.

So, today I got a spam email advertising a stock–you know, typical stock pump-and-dump scam. Get about six or eight of ’em a day. Only…

Only this particular stock scam spam originated from a computer with an IP address of

A compromised Windows PC running some virus or other, you say? Oh, my no. is www.webbcountytx.gov — the official site of the county government of Webb County, Texas.

Apparently, the fine citizens of Texas know as much about server security as they do about cosmology.

(Note: nobody from Texas was harmed in the making of this post.)