Spam subject of the day

“SEXUALLY-EXPLICIT:  aliphatic   coercion   amtrak”

Now, if you’re going to comply with the law and put the “SEXUALLY-EXPLICIT” in your subject, why bother to use a hash-busting random word generator in the rest of the subject line? People who’re filtering spam are going to filter on the “SEXUALLY-EXPLICIT” part of the subject line!

Unless it’s not random, and the spamvertised Web site really is about sexually explicit rape scenes involving organic compounds with an open-chain structure on trains…

…and if it is, man, there’s a kink I never knew about!

Okay, looking for some information…

…from those of you versed in non-disclosure agreements, the law, or both (with a particular nod at polyamarie)…

Suppose a person has signed a blanket, far-reacing non-disclosure agreement with a company. Does that NDA protect the company from disclosure of criminal activities on the part of that company? Does it matter if said criminal activities are a matter of civil tort (eg, copyright theft; exposing the credit card numbers, names, and addresses of thousands of customers), criminal activity (identity theft, fraud), or both? In short, if a person reveals ongoing criminal activity on the part of a company, can that person be sued for violation of the NDA?

Does the situation change if that person has, for example, screen shots of an exposed database of credit card numbers, or, say, a tape recording of company management talking about the identity theft and copyright violation?

(Note that this post is friends-only, for obvious reasons. And no, I’m not the one under the NDA; I’m enquiring on behalf of someone else.)