Over a thousand servicemen dead in Iraq…

…and I’m still paying nearly $2.50 a gallon for gas? WTF is up with that??

So now the Bush regime has finally formally admitted that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction (warinng–big-ass PDF download). None. Nada. Zip. I still remember watching CNN as Colin Powell heroically kept a straight face as he put on the WMD dog-and-phony show for the United Nations, waving around vials of confectioner’s sugar and pointing gravely to flip-charts of Iraqui “mobile germ warfare laboratories” that, as it turns out, existed only in the fevered imagination of some of the CIA’s tinfoil-hat brigade. I knew we were being duped; the rest of the world knew we were being duped; but the American public just ate this shit up and asked for more.

So. Here we are, sending people to die in the Middle East, for…um, no reason whatsoever. Weapons of mass destruction? Never existed. September 11? That was this guy named Osama somebody, not Saddam Whatshisface. Bringing stability to the Middle East? Iraq is more unstable now than at any point in the past hundred years. Securing ourselves from terrorism? Saddam Hussein was Al Quaeda’s biggest enemy in the Middle East; with him gone, Iraq is now ripe recruiting grounds. One hundred and sixty billion dollars spent to date, and we have nohing to show for it except a bunch of cars driving around with lopsided “Support Our Troops” stickers on them.

And I’m still paying nearly $2.50 a gallon for gas.

Man, that’s fucked up.