Plans and intentions for the next year or so

This is largely for my own benefit, as I have a whole lot of irons in the fire right now and I’m not going to be able to pay attention to all of them. Trying to get some of these projects out of my head and somewhere more tangible, because my head, she is full!

Upcoming plans


October 15-17. This one is non-negotiable; I’ll definitely be there. Need to think about what I’m going to be doing–costumes and such.

Tampa Fetish Con

September 23-26. This one is coming up fast! Don’t know yet if we’ll be there. It’ll cost us $60 apiece for all four days, and the deadline for registration is in a couple of days. I’d like to go, but it’s still highly uncertain.

Fetish Factory’s Alter Ego party

September 24 at Underground in downtown Tampa. This one I definitely want to attend.

[Edit: Almost forgot!] MacWorld San Francisco

January 2005. This is my annual pilgrimage to MacWorld, which accomplishes two thigs: gets me up to speed on Apple’s plans for the coming year, and lets me spend time with altenra, who I don’t get to see or hang out with NEARLY often enough.


The Impossible Woman

This is a photography series I’ve been planning for a while. I’d like to get moving on it soon, as it’s quite elaborate and requires a tremendous amount of time and more than a little Photoshop work. This is a high-priority project; I want to get at least 5 images done before next September, because if I get them finished, I’d like to produce a series of giclees and bring them to next year’s DragonCon.

(lightgatherer, you might be interested in this project. Remind me to talk to you about it next time I see you guys.) ladytabitha would be perfect for this project, but she’s in Boston and I’m not…


I’m already getting quite a bit of material for the re-launch of Xero magazine. Whether or not this project moves ahead depends on how much advertising I can sell; I don’t intend to finance it out-of-pocket any more. I have some ideas about making it pay for itself, but need to find the time to pursue them. I’d like to see Xero develop along the same lines as something like, say, On Our Backs from a business perspective–that magazine has succeeded quite nicely in its market.


I want to get my RC plane back in the air. Biggest obstacle so far is getting around to renewing my AMA membership, and transporting the damn thing to the flying field; it’s way too big for my car. This isn’t something that’s really terribly important at the moment, though.


There’s a new build of the card editor application for Onyx, my sex game, sitting on my hard drive. Waiting for feedback from a couple beta testers before I release it. I’ve also made a lot of progress on the second sex game I plan to release, which could, with a couple weeks’ concentrated effort, be ready for alpha testing soon…but I haven’t felt terribly motivated to write code lately, and coding is virtually impossible for me if I’m not in the mood (and impossible not to do if I am in the mood).

Villain Tees

This has been sitting idle for a while, as I haven’t had any way to get shirts printed or take online orders until recently.

I now have my own credit card merchant account, and I’ve found a new screen printer who’s cheaper and more reliable than the previous screen printer I’d been using, so this project may start moving again. I’ve also received an email from a clothing store in Iowa that wants to carry some of the Villain Tees designs. I think what I’m going to do is trim down the number of designs significantly, print a couple runs, and start pursuing retailers. The place that’s already approached me has given me a better idea about how to go about doing that. I believe Villain Tees has the potential to be very successful, and it’s worth investing a bit of energy into.

Doomsday Sex

This project has been on hold for about a year now. Eventually, it will be the home for a Flash-based Web comic set in the classic dystopian post-apocalyptic wasteland we all love so much, and it may act as a home for the Impossible Woman project as well. I’ve also been tossing around the idea of writing erotica for the site as well, but that’s not a high priority.

Obviously, i can’t develop all these projects in the next twelve months–especially not in light of the fact that one of my clients, which has been searching for venture capital for years, finally got their funding and is threatening to bury me in work. Right now, it looks like I may need to start hiring people within the next few months, or phase out some of my other clients, or both.

Hang on, it’s gonna be a wild ride…

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