[Friends only] Victory!

I rarely make friends-only posts, but given the circumstances, I thought it was appropriate this time…

A few weeks ago, I posted about how a notorious long-term spammer and convicted criminal named Art Schwartz has been emailing threats to me for reporting his spamming activities to his Web host. In fact, I even put some of the emailed threats he sent up on a Web site.

Well, yesterday, I finally got completely sick of his spamming and his abuse, and I picked up the phone and had an hour-long conversation with the security and abuse department head of his Web hosting provider, Superb Internet. As a result, Superb agreed to pull his Web site. It went down yesterday afternoon.

Today, if I have time, I plan to give the Hallendale, FL police department a call and chat with them about the threats he’s sent.

I do not respond well to being bullied, threatened, or intimidated. 🙂