More FetishCon ’04 fun stuff!

Yep, still more yummy goodness from FetishCon ’04. Friday night, datan0de went with Shelly and I, our roommate, and his girlfriend to the Fetish Factory party, which was a lot of fun. We ran into a bunch of friends there, including someone I haven’t seen in quite a while, who I ran into later at the convention proper.

The Fetish Factory parties are strict-dress-code affairs (fetishwear only), which actually helps to create a very immersive atmosphere–it was a lot more fun than I’d predicted. Pics of Shelly and I and our roommate’s girlfriend, as usual

I love this jacket–it has a nice Hellraiser feel to it.

Our roommate’s girlfriend, in Liquid Latex and Shelly’s mask. Doesn’t the mask look good on her?

Shelly, in Borg gear, electrical tape, and saran wrap. Yummy geeky goodness!

Later, at the convention, one of the dealers (a tattoo artist) did a bondage and piercing demo on two people. I love the way he tied these two together:

Believe it or not, I still have more pics to post, which I’ll work on later.

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