When: Saturday, August 28, 8:00 PM to whenever.
Where: The home of Franklin and Shelly, near Waters and Dale Mabry
Why: Well, um, because, er…well, that was interesting!

So. No, we’re not going to Boston after all…long story. As it turns out, we’re going a bit down the road instead. So those of you who’d like to help us break in the new place, please join us! Stay in Wonderland and find out how deep the rabbit-hole goes. Or something like that. Want to take the red pill? Email me for more information!

Chock full o’ gothy goodness…and Extropians as modern-day necromancers

We’re just back from an evening at the goth club…ran into a bunch of friends we hadn’t expected to see, including one friend I haven’t seen in months, which was totally r0x0r, and the DJ was playing all kinds of old-school goth, which was r0x0r almost as much. (And just for the record, if there’s a better song to dance to than Front 242’s Headhunter v1.0 it doesn’t exist in this plane of reality. Which is not to say that it’s goth, but… just sayin’.)

On the way, we stopped at a couple of places to price out a corset piercing for Shelly, which, as it turns out, most piercers are reluctant to do… seems like they tend not to last very long. Which sucks. She commented, though, that she’d like to get a Giger tattoo instead, like one of the aliens from the Alien movie series…which is an interesting idea, but there seems to be some weird karma around doing something like that. Considering H. R. Giger is probably the closest thing to a living necromancer anyone is likely to find, putting his artwork on one’s body just kinda seems to be inviting all manner of chaos into one’s life…

…but then, I though, when you really get down to it, isn’t that what the whole biomedical nanotech/life extension/destructive uploading thing is all about? Life out of death, transforming the dead into biomechanical versions of the living…seems somehow appropriate.

Transhumanism and extropianism are necromancy given a new twist. Or perhaps, transhumanism is to necromancy what white magic is to black magic. Same tools, different philosophy.

Just sayin’.