The housewarming post!

It would be very easy to keep ranting about my client’s refusal to pay for a job that consumed a good chunk of the last week, but this is not that post.

Instead, this is the long-delayed sunyata__‘s Housewarming Party Post.

It always starts so innocently…

kellyv, anklesnake and I arrived to find a gaggle of people already there, many of them chuckling over a Chick tract, which is always a good sign.

Met quite a number of people, including foxmagic, allroads, the altogether too cute raptorgirl, the frighteningly Angelina Jolie-esque enoelie, and the very cool, geeky, hyperkinetic, devastatingly intelligent, and much too fun for her own good ladytabitha, who I’m giving serious thought to kidnapping and keeping in my closet.

As a matter of fact, that sounds like a really good idea…

Ahem. Anyway, we had a blast. I’m working very hard on getting sunyata__ to come to the party, since her birthday is the 20th, and the only thing more fun than a dystopian birthday party celebrating mankind’s horrible end is a dystopian double birthday party celebrating mankind’s horrible end.

It’s seven minutes til midnight…what are your plans?

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Doomsday Clock, the indicator of how close we stand to the brink of nuclear Armageddon, currently stands at seven minutes to midnight, thanks in no small part to our gay-bashing, bomb-dropping, budget-bankrupting excuse for a president‘s complete failure in the diplomatic arena.

anklesnake and I want to set up a pr0n Web site.

These two things are related, to each other and to the housewarming party–hang on, I’m getting to that.

We’ve been searcing for a domain name for the pr0n site, and striking out…all the cool ones are taken, or so it seems.

During the party, anklesnake had a flash of insight, and I registered the domain name right there at the party.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Nothing but a placeholder there now, but we’ll be moving in soon.

And now…

…I’m getting ready to go out clubbing with anklesnake, my archnemesis, and friends. It’s 7 minutes til midnight, and I don’t plan to spend it at home!

12 thoughts on “The housewarming post!

  1. well, we were thinkin maybe of the castle or something like that…she’s a good friend from our fantasm staff involvement together…open to suggestions…sat night prolly, jason doesn’t get off work till 10pm, so we’re prolly looking at a late night.

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