Some thoughts on immortality and identity

I was rather surprised by the number of people answering my last poll who thought that replacement mechanical bodies are sucky rather than cool. Perhaps it’s my perception of the Void, or perhaps it’s my attitude about change, but I’ve always thought that was a gimmee–a better, immortal, mechanical version of my body? Yes, please…where do I sign?

Then again, there’s almost nothing I would not do for immortality. This is not necessarily because I do not believe in an afterlife (I don’t, really, though I won’t say I know for sure one way or the other)–but there is little doubt in my mind that if there’s an afterlife, it’s nothing like this one, and I’m not done with this one yet. There are still way too many things to see, do, learn, and experience. The afterlife can wait, preferrably until the heat death of the universe.

Which, on a scale of eternity, isn’t really all that far away.

So, out of curiousity, two polls. The first: What would you do for immortality? The second: How attached are you to your body?

Ready, kids? Here we go:

And, somewhat but not entirely related: