Of needles, teargas, and giant flying robots

It’s Tuesday, and I still haven’t recovered from the weekend. Does that mean I’m getting old?

Take a deep breath…OUCH!

Saturday morning, Shelly (bandage) decided she wanted something pierced. She, Kelly (kellyv), Mel (lightgatherer), Nan (moonshadowdance), and their partner Chris went traipsing to the tattoo parlor to do the deed.

Okay, so I lie. We didn’t actually “traipse.” We were on a mission; we went with a purpose. Shelly wanted needles and pain.

Have I mentioned recently how absolutely lovely Shelly is when she has pain inflicted on her? She got two piercings, hood and labia, and was flying like a kite for hours.

If you’re interested, pictures are here. This is SO not work-safe!