Well, boys and girls, it’s Wednesday!

And do you know what that means? It means it’s time for another conservative Republican lunkhead to stand up for bigotry and prejudice!

In the spotlight today, following in the footsteps of other notable conservative Republican bigots such as Trent Lott and “Bouncing” Bobby Barr (the man who made none other than Larry Flynt say “That guy’s a pervert!”) is Republican Senator Rick Santorum.

Our buddy Rick, obviously not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, appears to espouse a somewhat paradoxical view of the American heterosexual nuclear family–that is, that it sucks, and nobody in his right mind would choose it unless forced to.

Of course, he probably doesn’t know that’s what he’s saying. But how else can you explain his idea that condoning non-traditional relationships “ the death knell of the American family“?

Yep, that’s right, this yahoo believes that if gays get together, the American family will cease to exist. Implicit in this strange notion is the unspoken belief that people choose heterosexual monogamous families only because there is no other choice–that if we allowed other choices, then nobody would choose a heterosexual monogamous marriage, and that would be the end of the nuclear family.

Psychologists say we do tend to re-invent the world in our own image. One has to wonder if Senator Rick believes nobody would ever choose a heterosexual, monogamous marriage unless forced because he himself would…er, not choose a heterosexual, monogamous marriage.