Things disconcerting

Something bad is happening in my neighborhood. There were police cars parked in front of my neighbor’s door all evening, and now the crime scene unit is there as well.

Shelly is learning to florentine–use a flogger in each hand. She’s gotten quite good in a very short time. She’s practiced on kellyv and I… as well as on a number of pillows that, as near as I can tell, committed no offense save for being in the wrong (right?) place at the wrong time.

Had an argument with someone at PolyTampa last weekend. He maintains that love does not expose one to vulnerability, and there is no way to be “hurt” by love–it’s only the loss of someone you see as property that’s painful.

I don’t buy it for even half a second. Indeed, on my less charitable days I’m inclined to think that anyone who believes love and intimacy do not go hand-in-hand with vulnerability has never been in love.

Sometimes, love exposes you to a great deal of pain. Sometimes, it hurts like hell to lose someone you love.

I haven’t been having a good week.