You know what’s interesting…

…is that this is not the first time in history that a leader who lost the popular vote but was elected into office anyway has used the threat of terrorism to justify preemptive action against another country in the name of peace and security.

So the war is on. We failed to assassinate Saddam Hussein with bombs, which is about what any reasonable person would expect; bombs are not, after all, the most precise of all munitions. Not even smart bombs.

kellyv and I had some friends over last night, and we were all watching “Law and Order” when the news interrupted the show to tell us we were dropping bombs on brown people again.

Quite honestly, I can’t even understand why they cut into the show. I mean, it’s not like it was news, or anything. This is America; dropping bombs on brown people is what we do. Hardly seems worth interrupting “Law & Order” to say that we’re doing it again.

But, we were able to makke the best of it; kellyv popped some popcorn and we pulled up chairs and watched, and played with Eric’s iPod.

I’ll be much happier in 2004, when our Glorious Commander-in-Chimp Bush Jr. and his lackey Herr Ashcroft are gone.