Been a long but productive weekend. The first good news: Villain Tees, the new joint venture between lordfuckbeast and I, is officially off the ground! We’re selling the most rude, obnoxious T-shirts you’re likely to find anywhere. Drop by and give it a look.

Today, kellyv and I helped Shelly move to Tampa. Shelly has been staying with us for most of the past two weeks, and to be quite honest, I’ve kind of become accustomed to having a couple of extra feet in my bed. It’s been really nice. Shelly has a place of her own here in Tampa, now, which is both good and bad–good, because she’s officially living here; bad, because she’s spending the night in her place, not our place, this evening.

She’s easy to get used to.

kellyv and I have been spending quite a bit of time together; our relationship is in a growth phase again, even after seventeen years. Some part of that has been prompted by Shelly, who has this knack–or maybe it’s an art–of offering a fresh and well-reasoned perspective on things.

Another milestone: I fired up the engine on my new model airplane this week. It’s just about ready to fly–a minor glitch with the aileron servos, which don’t seem to want to work properly, and it’s good to go. I can hardly wait!

A very large Web redesign project for a major client has been green-lighted for an effectively unlimited budget–good news indeed.

The Florida Poly Retreat is coming up in a few weeks–right about the same time as my birthday. 🙂

It is, it would seem, rather difficult to find the time to journal life when you’re quite busy living it.