On being an object of lust

Friday, I was charged with bringing a client’s Apple G4 desktop system to the local Apple service center for repair; the cache RAM had failed and the computer was still under warranty.

The Apple store is in a local mall. The mall was, as you might expect, quite busy.

I have a lousy sense of direction. This means I parked on the wrong side of the mall, and had to lug the computer–all 42 pounds(!) of it–all the way through the mall.

It was an interesting lesson in lust and covetousness.

I got stares, covert and overt, of pure distilled lust; whistles; and all manner of attention. Interesting side note: It’s not just men who covet fast computers; women do too, in about equal numbers.

Sadly, it was for the computer, not for me. And yet, strangely, I didn’t really care. I rather liked the attention anyway. Even from people who would no doubt have been quite pleased to useme for my computer. And even though it wasn’t even my computer to begin with.

Hmm. What does that say about me?