Hold on, boys and girls, this merry-go-round is FLYIN’…

And where she stops, no one knows…

Last Thursday and Friday: Spent some time in Port. St. Lucie, across the state, setting up a computer network for a client. Met the new person in my life out there; she spent the night with me.

Her: You just love to torture yourself and everyone around you, don’t you? (Yes, in a good way. Sometimes, the anticipation of a thing can make the consumation of that thing so much more intense…)

Saturday: PolyTampa Christmas party. Spent some more time with her and with a number of other friends, where we carried on a lively and spirited discussion on the merits of my plan to build a full-sized, working trebuchet, a piece of seige equipment used to destroy castle walls during the Middle Ages.

Her: I’ve changed sides. I agree with Kelly…you shouldn’t build a trebuchet.
Me: You can’t do that! You’ve already agreed to be my henchman.

After the party, she and her two significant others spent the night with kellyv and I. And Kelly cooked breakfast for everyone…

Me: Bacon is one of the things that makes life worth living.
Her: I don’t eat mammal.
Me: Yeah, but…it’s bacon!

Sunday afternoon: lordfuckbeast and I discussed plans to attend AVN in January, the large yearly sex toy convention held in Las Vegas.

Her: AVN! I so want to go.
Him: Okay, but you won’t get to see much of the show. I’m going to keep you in the booth and give you orders.

Sunday night: Photo shoot for the new Web site some friends and I are working on. Midnight nudity in busy downtown Tampa.

Security guard: You’ll have to leave. No photography is permitted in this parking lot.
Him: Why, is this a SENSITIVE parking lot?

The next few weeks are going to be chaos, distilled, refined, and concentrated into its purest essence. Virginia in two weeks, for obligatory visits to the inlaws, then on to San Francisco on January 4th, and Las Vegas (if all goes well) on January 9. Miami in the end of January. Meetings, business, parties, and other ancillary chaos-related accessories between now and then.

Life should be lived to its fullest. All things to excess. Moderation is for monks.