Planes and trains and snipers, oh my…

Aries: (March 21—April 19)
Thursday will usher in a new era of love and prosperity for Aries, which is only fair considering what happens Friday.

So I’m no longer in Chicago. Now I’m in Fredricksburg, Virginia, not ten minutes from where another person was shot and killed by that DC sniper this morning.

I’m not convinced this is a step in the right direction.

The last day of the convention in Chicago was Wednesday. Wednesday afternoon, about an hour before closing, a Microsoft rep came sniffing by our booth. He claimed to be at Graph Expo trying to talk to prepress industry experts about improving Microsoft Publisher, which is the laughingstock of the prepress world; most professional service bureaus and print shops refuse to even talk to anyone who uses it.

I talked to him for a while about the numerous bugs, design blunders, and general stupidity that makes Publisher such a pathetic joke of a program. He half-listened, but already knew everything I was telling him.

Clearly, he was lying. It was so painfully obvious that he was there for reasons that had nothing to do with Publisher that it was almost insulting. He was also entirely ignorant about even the most basic aspects of professional prepress.

I wonder why Microsoft really sent him there…

You know, I wish that once, just once, Microsoft would actually show some honesty and integrity about something.