Random thoughts on relationships

Her: You know, Frankin, your ideal girlfriend is probably a marriage-minded, monogamous lesbian.

This seems to have been a trend: many of the women in my life are women who wouldn’t appear, on first glance, to be well-suited to me. They’re monogamous by nature, or they’re lesbian by nature…

Lori is monogamous by nature. This is making our relationship very difficult, in no small measure because kellyv is not comfortable with the idea of me having a monogamous girlfriend. Lori, naturally, is not overjoyed at the prospect of sharing me, and I am not thrilled with the distance between us–I’ve never been good at long-distance relationships.

I’ve always been attracted to people who are different from me. Maybe it’s because I have more to learn from someone who’s different from me than from someone who’s just like me…or maybe it’s because I like surprises. I’ve also always thrived on chaos; defined roles in a relationship have never been important to me. Unfortunately, they are important to Lori, and to Kelly.

And yet, for all that, I still haven’t given up on the idea of finding a way to make this work for everyone. So does that make me determined, or foolish?