Thoughts on movies, karma, and sex

Okay, so we went to see the Harry Potter movie Friday. Overall, it was not bad; I was surprised by the level of sophistication and the creativity in the storyline, given that it was based on a children’s book.

And yet…

This is a minor point, and not really a plot spoiler, but if you haven’t seen it, you might want to skip the next paragraph or two.

Students at the magical school in the Harry Potter books are divided into something like fraternities. Every year, they have a competition. Whenever someone does something right, his fraternity gets awarded points; whenever someone does something wrong, his fraternity loses points. At the end of the year, the fraternity with the most points gets a prize. Good system, in a military boot camp kind of way; screw up, and your entire unit will turn on you.

So. The story goes along, adventures happen, the school year progresses, Harry & friends save the world. But: The last scene, the big award night, and Harry’s fraternity has lost. They didn’t have enough points to win–due in no small part to Harry’s adventures while saving the world. Hard to concentrate on winning points when you’re trying to save the world, you know?

So the leader of the school announces, mid-ceremony, that he’s changinf the rules for the year, and awarding the prize to Harry’s fraternity anyway.

What the hell kind of blind, stupid thing is that??! Not only is it highly unlikely–by doing so, he publically humiliated the leader of the winning fraternity (a key ally)–but it also teaches exactly the wrong lesson. The RIGHT lesson is: You can’t always win at everything. Sometimes, doing right (saving the world) means sacrificing things of lower priority (winning an award). The WRONG lesson is: Kids, the whole system is a sham. It doesn’t matter what you do. It doesn’t matter if you win honestly, fair and square. Some adult can come along and yank the prize right out from under you, simply because he feels like it. Don’t worry about winning points; the points don’t mean shit. It’s all about whether or not authority figures like you.

So anyway…

The “other” girlfriend came over Saturday. Sunday, my wife went out to lunch with friends, so the girlfriend and I got to spend some alone time together, which was very, very nice. I took advantage of the opportunity to do some delightfully wicked and evil things to her (Her: “How deep did you have your hand?” Me: “All the way…”), and we both ended up tired and happy.

My wife’s friends dropped a bombshell on her at lunch…”We’ve been experimenting with this new thing, see, it’s called S&M.” My wife: “Oh, really? Come on over. I’ll have Franklin give you a seminar.”

Imagine my surprise.

So afterward, we all went out to the club. My wife’s friends were fascinated. I received a delightful flogging from the girlfriend, and still have the lash marks to prove it. *sigh*

Today, on my way to the office, my car dies abruptly. No warning, just up and quits.

Imagine my surprise. Clearly, fate is exacting its payment for the totally delightful weekend.

I should be home right now. I should be packing for our Thanksgiving trip to my primary girlfriend’s place. Am I? No. I’m still at the office. Fickle thing, fate.

Was it worth it? Oh, yes.