Unwrapping a new project!

The Skeptical Perverts podcast

After years of thinking about doing it (seriously, I’ve wanted to do this since 2009), and a ton of work this year, I’m pleased to announce the noew sooper-sekrit project I’ve been working on with Joreth and Eunice:

The Skeptical Pervert podcast!

What is it?

The Skeptical Pervert is a sex education podcast where we look at human sexuality through an empirical, fact-based, evidence-backed eye. We examine myths, attitudes, and ideas about sex with the goal of figuring out what’s fluff and what’s true.

I am absolutely chuffed, as they say over in the far distant reaches of the globe across the pond, to have launched this project. Joreth and I have been talking about it for over a decade. We brought Eunice on board because she’s often slow to say “no,” and the podcast was born!

We plan to release new episodes monthly. You can find the first two episodes online now.

Episode 1, which we wanted to call Episode 0 but couldn’t because Libsyn was written by folks who don’t know C and don’t understand how lists work, is an introduction.

Episode 2 talks about aphrodisiacs, the mythology around them, and our experience with bremelanotide, a synthetic melanocortin agonist and the world’s first aphrodisiac to pass double-blind trials.

You can find us on Libsyn, Apple, Amazon, or your podcatcher of choice. Check it out!

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