It’s finally happening!

For years, I’ve been on-again, off-again working on a book on polyamory.

It’s been discouraging, in that all the publishers I’ve talked to want me to make it a personal memoir, and that’s not what I want to write. The project has been languishing for a while, by which I mean for several years, lost beneath the shuffle of More Important Matters.

It has finally, at long last, been resurrected. My sweetie Eve and I have started working on a new book, one that combines her ideas about polyamory and mine. It’s going to be a monster–it’s looking to shape up as a 500-page hands-on guide for folks who want to explore polyamory, chock full of problem-solving ideas, hints and tips.

We’ve launched a new blog which will contain progress notes, ideas and essays that don’t fit into the Web site More Than Two but also don’t make it into the book, and more.

We’re going to crowdfund this project; to get around the small but nevertheless still niggling issue that publishers want a different book from the one we want to write, we’re launching a full-fledged publishing imprint to go along with it.

If you’d like to know more, check out the blog and keep watching this space!