Never have I ever…

The range of the human sexual condition is a whole lot wider than a lot of people realize. I’ve met folks who say things like ‘I don’t want to get too kinky too fast because I don’t want to have done everything there is to do by the time I’m 30″ and “I am open to anything,” which I think grossly underestimate the amount of things there are to do.

Whenever someone asks on (most) public forums for wild and kinky sex ideas1, inevitably it seems like the answers that person gets fall into three broad categories: Partners, Places, and Positions. Have sex with more partners, have sex in unusual places, have sex in unusual positions.

Which is fun and all, but it still misses entire huge categories of sex.

Recently, though, someone on another journal flipped the question on its head by asking “what haven’t you done.” And again that’s a way to show how narrow the common perception of sex is, because the majority of responses were perhaps two or three lines long–“I haven’t had a threesome, I haven’t had sex outdoors, I haven’t had sex with the woman on top.” That sort of thing.

I thought about it for a few minutes. The following list is what I came up with in ten minutes; I bet that another ten minutes would probably make it about twice as long.

Never have I ever…