Fracking bloody LiveJournal anyway

I’ve got the setting turned on on LJ to email me when someone posts a comment to one of my posts or posts a reply to one of my comments. It usually works okay; I get about 90% of the notifications, most of the time, and things go pretty well. Occasionally a notification never makes it to my email, when the Intertubes get clogged or something.

Over the last 48 hours, I have received between three and five copies of every notification email for posts going back several weeks.

Now, just to give you an idea of what that means, my post about tattoos, porn, and respect for women has received, at the time of this writing, 119 comments (including mine). I’ve received at least three emailed copies of every one of those comments in the last two days–as well as multiple copies of every post made in the last week or two, including my post from my iPhone this morning.

Is it just me? Have I done something to offend the God of IMAP? Do I need to dance widdershins naked around a router, Ethernet cables braided through my hair, to appease the offended deities? Should I meditate at a temple dedicated to BIND, hoping to learn through introspection of the folly of my ways? Or is this a more general calamity, like a digital plague of locusts, signaling the Tribulation and the End Times?