So I haven’t been around much lately…

…because I’ve been so busy having fun I haven’t had much time for anything else.

Which is not a bad way to live, really.

First, zaiah. She spent almost a week with me last week. We’ve been talking on the Intertubes for over a year and a half, but never have been able to meet in person (damn you, Intertubes! Damn you!) until at last our wish was granted by a pair of cute and very fuzzy kittens. The kittens said “Lo! For more than forty months have you been chatting, and the time has come at last! We shall be your vehicles!”

Or perhaps they might have said that, if kittens could, you know, talk.

Anyway, the kittens arranged for us to meet, and meet we did. It went more better than anything I might dared to have hoped, and a most excellent time was had. I shan’t disturb you with the details, because they would…disturb you.

And then: Camping!

Shelly, Fritz, femetal, my archnemisis datan0de, and I went roughing it in the backwoods of rural Florida, in the most primitive environment you can possibly imagine. No Internet! No cell pone service! Nothing to do but sit in the pop-up on our laptops and watch Dr. Who!

Got a good deal of work on Onyx 3.1 done. What else is there to do at a campsite?

And now, joreth is up visiting.

It has been over two frakking weeks since I’ve even logged on to World of Warcraft. It’s been difficult, but the shaking is starting to subside and I haven’t had a seizure in days.

I’ve been approached by various people over the past couple of weeks and asked if I’d be interested in becoming involved in not one, not two, but three new start-up businesses. Weird.

Got my last rejection letter for my book proposal last week. That makes six. (Well, technically five, plus one “We’re not interested in the book in its current form, but we think you’re pretty cool and would like you to re-submit the proposal as less of a how-to on polyamory and more of a personal narrative.”)

And also, since I’ve had a bad case of the hornies all day and have had a great deal of trouble thinking about anything but sex all day long today, here is…

…a sex meme floating around LiveJournal