Back from Florida Poly Retreat!

I still plan to post more about both FPR and Frolicon (which was last weekend), when I have time to get around to it. Apparently, during the weekend, some spammer forged the domain name of the place where I work for a spam run,a nd the powers that be are freaking out about it, even though it had nothing to do with any sort of attack against or compromise of our servers. *sigh* No matter how many times you tell someone never to trust what it says in the From: field of an email, folks don’t get that the From: address is trivial to fake.

In any event, Florida Poly Retreat was a roaring success, and there was much strip “Are You a Werewolf?”. I had a great deal of fun giving a presentation on ways to screw up a polyamorous relationship, and I’ve even put a PDF of the workshop’s handout on my Web site (though it isn’t linked directly from my poly pages yet…it will be). This handout probably shouldn’t be read by anyone who is satire-impaired.

Dropping back into the real world always makes for a bit of culture shock, and I think I’m going to bed early tonight to catch up on missing sleep.