I iz back from Chicago

Actually, I iz back from Chicago two days ago, and playing merry hell at work trying to catch up.

Fun things in Chicago. dayo, sailing on a tall ship, Ferris wheels, kinky sex, three floors of dealers at IML(!), more kinky sex, and I missed all the drama drama of LiveJournal’s abuse team melting down.

More, including pictures and kinky sex, later. First, just a few quick notes:

1. Fair warning to anyone contemplating letting me near them with an implement of destruction in my hands: I am fucking surgical with a crop or a dragon’s tail. If I keep hitting the same spot again and again, it’s not an accident; it’s because I’m a great big meanie. dayo seems to think this is a feature, not a bug.

2. The LJ abuse debacle thing? It’s not a violation of your rights, or the rights of anyone else. Freedom of speech is irrelevant here. Six Apart is free to make any rules they want; their servers, their game. If they want to ban any journal that mentions wombats, nobody’s rights are being violated. You’re still free to talk about wombats somewhere else.

Yes, it’s ridiculous. Yes, LiveJournal and Six Apart got played by a white supremacist Christian Dominion group, which I will not mention by name (a) because they’ve had enough publicity–which was, after all, their goal–already and (b) because it appears their Web site is infected with a drive-by-downloading virus. (If you know what site I’m talking about and you’ve visited it using Internet Explorer for Windows, might want to check your system.) Yes, said Christian Dominionists gamed Six Apart but good, and it’s Six Apart who ended up with egg on face. No, it’s not the end of the world–just the natural and predictable result of living in a litigious and Puritanical society.

3. Red leather drop collar: $25.
Pyrex dildo: $180
Dragon’s tail: $15
Making your partner squirm and scream “Yes! Yes!” when you grab her by the hair and whisper “Are you a slut?” Priceless.

4. Ferris wheels are cool.

5. Funnel cake is good. Funnel cake with strawberry topping is an orgy for the mouth. It’s like a choir of angels singing with the voice of Heaven, only on a plate. All right-thinking people know this.

6. Airport security? A joke, but nobody’s laughing.