Bullshit! And other fun stuff

Spent most of the day yesterday with phyrra, nihilus, and nekidsteve, working on a role-playing game hat nihilus is putting together, and updating my Web site…props to sarahmichigan for her suggestions and proofreading.

Then, we watched a bunch of episodes of Showtime’s Penn & Teller: Bullshit! For anyone not fortunate enough to have seen this show…I can’t recommend it enough. It relentlessly skewers and debunks bullshit of all types, from the idea of the “traditional family” (a brilliant episode, which talked very positively about polyamory) to to ESP and “remote viewing” to feng shui.

And, after watching a large number of back-to-back episodes, I am pleased to announce:

The Unofficial

The rules, as with most drinking games, are very simple. The participants need their favorite libation of choice and a television set. Ready? Here we go!

As you watch an episode of Bullshit, be on the lookout for certain things. When you see your cues, drink up!

Things that are worth a sip

Take a sip of your beverage:

– Whenever Penn says “bullshit,” “asshole,” or “fuck”
– Whenever the show directly contradicts a statement made by a guest and provides evidence or a citation to back up the contradiction. (A citation provided by another guest counts.)
– Whenever the giant prop of the bull with the red horns makes an appearance (yes, the opening credits count)

Things that are worth a drink

Take a drink of your beverage:

– Whenever Penn says the exact phrase “And then there’s this asshole…”
– Whenever Penn insults God directly
– Whenever Penn insults a guest on that show before that guest has had a chance to introduce himself
– Whenever Penn insults a guest’s clothing
– Whenever a guest says something that makes Penn really, really angry
– Whenever Teller uses any kind of tool or implement to cut or pretend to cut any object

Things that are worth a chug

All players must chug their beverage:

– Whenever Penn compares any guest to a character in a movie, play, or television show
– Whenever Penn challenges God to strike him dead
– Whenever Teller removes any article of clothing, or anything approximating an article of clothing
– Whenever a naked person appears
– Whenever Penn says he never drinks. (The irony is just TOO delicious.)

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