Bad news, good news (and an apology for being absent)

The Bad News:

I’ve been an appallingly bad friend lately, especially during the past week–I’ve had to cancel out on several people, I’ve missed spending time with many of my friends (including phyrra and nihilus), I missed the opportunity to see the Smoosh and many other fine folks at the last Game Night…in short, I’ve been a hermit, barely poking my head out into the light of day.

And it’s all been work-related. My clients have been driving me insane.

The Good News:

Three thousand, one hundred and forty dollars’ worth of billable hours in the last eight days, bay-bee! And it’s (mostly) finished now–I have nothing left on my plate ’til tomorrow afternoon, and after that, it looks like I might actually have two whole days unassigned.

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