Random updatey stuff, or, Christmas comes early this year!

So. A few weeks back, one of my clients replaces fourteen G4 Mac systems with G5s. Most of the G4s are destined for the scrapyard, which seems like a shame, so I asked my client about it, and I ended up with one of ’em. It’s an older model, but still better than the machines I have.

Bought an upgrade for the system–1GHz processor, DVD-RW drive–which arrived at the office on Friday. Went home, checked the mail, and my Alcor bracelet also arrived on Friday. W00t!

Saturday: World of Warcraft. ‘Nuf said.

Sunday, Shelly and I spent some time with S anbd her boyfriend. We did fondue; Shelly’s been craving it since my parents took us to the Melting Pot for Thanksgiving. It does seem like the developing romantic interest between S and I is going along quite nicely; I really like spending time with her. Shelly and her boyfriend M are getting closer as well…it all seems very natural and wonderful… Still a pity about the timing, though.

Also did the last bit of work necessary to package up the MOO I’ve been working on porting to Mac OS X. Well, the last bit of work ‘cept for documentation. Got permission to distribute the MOO code and database, but I have to get permission to distribute the documentation as well, or write my own, suck suck suck. There’s a very cool person I “met” on OK Cupid who’s been helping me work on the MOO project; when we’re done creating the MOO environment we’re working on right now, I’ll put up a link for the three or so people left in the world who still care about text-based role-playing environments.

(And then comes World of Warcraft!)