Necro, Alcor, other proper nouns as needed

Tomorrow is the first day of Necronomicon, which means I’ll be out of the loop for a while, and probably post lots and lots of pictures come Monday or Tuesday. (Those of you with dialup access, be warned…you have three days to get broadband!) Alas, we’ll be missing the traditional post-Necro sushi run, as we’ve pledged to help our roommate move.

Finished all the Alcor insurance paperwork and mailed it off yesterday; I plan to finish the preliminary Alcor documents and mail them off today. Still on track to have my Alcor bracelet by year’s end!

AOL has begun intermittently filtering LJ notifications as “spam,” despite the fact that LiveJournal is supposedly whitelisted. Not all of ’em, mind; only a couple here and a couple there. If I don’t respond to something someone posts, that’s why.

There’s a flurry going around that George Dubya, the man legendary for (among other things) his complete incompetence when speaking in public, may be doing as well as he is in the debates because he’s wearing a wireless headset that connects him to an off-stage coach. Which is, to be perfectly blunt, entirely plausible. However, one of the people on a newsgroup I read proposed an alternate explanation for the buldge on Dubya’s back: “Maybe it’s a bra strap.”

Nxt weekend: Tampa Fetish Party. Following weekend: FantasyFest in Key West. Weekend after that: Collapse into an exhausted coma and die.