Weekend Follies and More

Baby, it’s Been a Wonderful Trip So Far!

Last Friday marked the moment when kellyv and I have officially been together for seventeen years. Hooray, us! 🙂

Of Dobermans and Deflowering

One of M’s favorite pasttimes is being present at what she calles “de-virginizing”–introducing people to the Castle, one of Tampa’s local goth clubs.

So she was quite delighted when it came to pass that Shelly and I decided to take smoocherie and fritzcat66 to the Castle for the first time on Saturday evening, and more delighted still to learn that sunyata__, in the company of many of her friends, would be there for her first time as well.

Shelly is a very, very bad girl. She has a number of twisted, kinky fetishes–one of which is seeing me in a collar.

Or better still, on a leash.

Or better still, on a leash in a public place. Like, for example, a Goth club.

Still, I can hardly fault her–after all, I’ve been known to leash her… So in the spirit of turnabout and fair play and all that silly stuff, we headed out with me appropriately leashed and collared.

It was good–we were Dobermans in a crowd of other Dobermans, rather than Dobermans in a cage of rabbits.

Which is not to say we didn’t get attention anyway…

Of Audiences and Hot Threesome Action

One of the nicest features about the Castle is the group of couches along the far edge of the dance floor, where one can sit and chill and watch what’s going on when one gets tired of dancing.

Or, where three–say, Shelly, M, and I–can cuddle up together and be a bit naughty. Which we did.

Didn’t take long to attract an audience. Some of the people in that audience didn’t even put up a pretence of subtlety, either–just sat and stared.

Kind of cool, really. Even if I didn’t get to spend enough time with sunyata__

Early Morning Flogging and Grapes

kellyv woke me up much too early Sunday morning, by taking advantage of me while I was sound asleep.

And as if that wasn’t enough, she then invited Shelly and M to do likewise, while she sat on the futon at the foot of the bed and watched.

And provided floggers.

And ice.

Shelly is bigger than I am, and can physically restrain me without too much effort. It wasn’t too difficult for her and M to put on a show for kellyv, rather like a live internet sex show only free and with your spouse.

Afterward, M fed all three of us grapes and apple slices dipped in caramel.

This “kinky things in front of an audience” bit is becoming a recurring theme in my life. Probably Shelly’s fault.

Falling into a black hole? Better stop for lunch!

smoocherie and fritzcat66 spent the night on Saturday, and headed out Sunday afternoon. M left shortly thereafter. Shelly got trapped in a time warp of some sort and stayed, theory being I’d take her home Monday morning.

I think kellyv knew better. At about lunchtime, she called us from her office and invited us to have lunch with her, as if she knew all along that we wouldn’t make it out before then.

It wasn’t until early evening that Shelly finally made it home. Time has a way of doing funny things like that sometimes.

I really do have other things going on in my life right now; it just doesn’t seem like it. But there’s a knack to dealing with chaos, and that is to recognize that haos is not, by itself, either a good or a bad thing. Chaos is the clay from which all things are molded and formed. Once you understand that, the rest becomes easy.