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Aries: (March 21ÑApril 19)
Every day, in every way, you’re getting better and better. But at this rate, you won’t be good enough for 64 more years.

Been so busy living life these past few weeks, I haven’t had time to properly document it. Is that a bug or a feature?

In the Good column:

Flew my plane for the first time last week. Going out to the airfield again tomorrow, assuming I can get my engine properly tuned this evening–it’s running a bit hot. Flying R/C airplanes is significantly more challenging than it looks…

Went to a fly-in at the airfield, which attracted model airplane enthusiasts from all over the state (and got to watch a prop-driven R/C model fly through the speed traps at 195.6 miles per hour); went to PolyTampa; spent the weekend with M., the “other”girlfriend.

In the Bad column:

kellyv finally put down her foot and made L. and I break up. Which, just for the record, sucks.

In the Other column:

Going to be presenting imposition software for a client at a trade show in Chicago early next month. The day after I return from Chicago, kellyv and I are going to Virginia for her cousin’s wedding.

Going to MacWorld San Francisco in January! MacWorld is always a blast; last year, I met altenra there; this year, I’ll be hooking up with my friend S., who I haven’t seen in six years or so (and who recently dropped back into my life from out of nowhere, or at least from Seattle).

And I’ve completed fifty SETI at Home work units in the past couple of weeks. So there.

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