Onyx, the Game of Sexual Exploration, version 3.5 now available!

  • New Optional Rules
  • New Resizeable Gameboard
  • New Special Squares
  • New Actions
  • Newly Redesigned Graphics
  • New Roles
  • Improved Card Editor
  • Free Update for Registered Users!

Finally, after many months of coding, the new version of my sex game Onyx is ready! This new version is a significant overhaul, and contains tons and tons of new features and new game-play mechanics. It also contains lots of new actions (coming up with lists of hundreds of sexy things that people can do to each other is harder than it sound!).

To celebrate, I’m offering a special discount on registration if you want to play the full version. Of course, the free version is still free, and Onyx 3.5 is a free upgrade for registered users.

Check it out!