Because not buying anything on Black Friday is SO last decade…

…I have decided to help fuel the orgy of capitalistic excess with some special offers of my own!

As a Twitter friend of mine put it (and who says Twitter is always insipid?), the biggest shopping day of the year is a good time to support artisans and small businessmen you like. So with that in mind, I’ve set up two special deals on my own Web site!

The first is the “Get One, Give One” deal on the poster version of the Map of Human Sexuality. Looking for a cool, fun gift for someone on your Christmas list of naughty people? Want something cool to hang on your wall that will get people talking? Running short on funs in the recession? The Get One, Give One deal is your answer! Buy a poster, get a second poster for half price and I’ll even ship it to a second address for free if you like!

The second is a Sexual Explorer’s Wilderness Survival Kit. Buy a copy of the Map of Human Sexuality and get ten dollars off the registration for Onyx, the Game of Sexual Exploration. Onyx helps you explore, and the Map lets you know where you’ve been! The only thing missing is a canteen. And a compass. And, y’know, one of those wilderness adventure knives with the little thing on the handle that you can unscrew and put matches in so they don’t get wet.

Sound interesting? Clicky the link to learn more!

Brilliance! Pure brilliance!

The thing about the Internet is that no matter how long you surf and how many sites you visit, there’s always something really awesome and cool that you just haven’t stumbled across yet.

There’s also a phenomenal amount of teh dumb, to be sure. In that way, the Internet is, as the saying goes, like a herd of performing elephants with diarrhea — massive, difficult to redirect, awe-inspiring, entertaining, and a source of mind-boggling amounts of excrement when you least expect it.

But still. There’s a lot of really cool stuff out there. Like PartiallyClips, a clip-art Webcomic that devoured my entire afternoon recently. I ended up reading every single one of them.

Some of my personal favorites:

A few more, with a special bonus comic for datan0de