Well, hell

Note: Those of you who don’t play World of Warcraft, move along. Nothing to see here.

Raid in Hyjal was scrubbed tonight. Couldn’t even get anyone interested in doing a Kara run for badges or killing Magtheridon or something. So, no raiding tonight for me!

Ran Magtheridon after we got out of Hyjal last week. Most. Messy. Kill. Ever.

Had him down to below 1% health, one of our tanks died, we didn’t stop his nova, wiped everyone ‘cept for one pally. I’m sitting there dead like “Oh, fer Crissakes, wiping on Mags is just obnoxious, ‘specially when he’s at under 1% health. I mean, we 22-man this guy just for fun.”

And our pally tank finished him off solo.

So, dead is still dead, but damn. There’s messy, and then there’s messy.

Back into Hyjal on Tuesday.