OK, wish me luck…

I’m about to go talk to the business manager of the company I’m working with about why there’s no money in the payroll account, and when this situation will be rectified.

If I fail to get answers that satisfy me, I think I’ll drive over to the Apple store and see if they need any new Apple Geniuses. (“Why should we hire you as an Apple Genius?” “Well, let’s see. I’ve been using Apple computers since the Apple ][e; I’ve used every version of the Mac’s operating system from System 1.1 through Mac OS 10.4, including beta and developer preview versions; for the last eight years, I’ve owned a consulting business configuring, repairing, networking, and doing system integration for Apple client and server machines in environments ranging from home offices to the data centers of Fortune 100 companies; the last time I was in here getting a recalcitrant DVD burner in a MacBook laptop replaced, I answered a customer’s question that none of the existing Apple geniuses could answer; and oh yeah, I’m a fucking registered Apple developer. So whaddya think? Think I’m qualified?”)

Update: He slipped out the door early today. I’ll have to get him first thing tomorrow.