Mmmmm, Linuxy goodness!

So I got my system to work in Fedora Core 2 with the 2.6 kernel finally. I just went through the X configuration file and removed all references to /dev/psaux, and damned if it didn’t work.

Now, why it worked with the 2.4 kernel but not the 2.6 kernel is beyond me. I don’t even know what /dev/psaux does. But hey, it’s up and running, and I’m typing this entry using Mozilla for Linux even now!

I’m also setting up telnet and ssh and apache and all kinds of other goodness, so Shelly can get into this machine and experiment on it. Her new job requires her to be able to troubleshoot Apache servers via telnet, so this’ll make a good test bed machine for her to play with, and no real harm done if something blows up.

Anyway, since I have Apache running on here, anyone got any ideas about what kind of Web content we should put on it? It’ll be semi-private, as you can only reach it if you know the IP address (which changes periodically as it’s on cable modem with DHCP), so my mind immediately runs to naughty places, which will come as a surprise to…well, nobody.