This would be a wonderful industry if it weren’t for the clients…

…and I don’t mean the software kind of clients, either.

So here I am in sunny San Francisco, typing this at MacWorld Expo thanks to a brand-new wireless networking card in my iBook.

I’ve had this iBook for rather a long time, but haven’t escaped the tyrrany of a wire connection until now. I spent a good part of yesterday roaming the hall floor looking for a vendor who would sell me an AirPort card, and finally got one to sell me the card out of one of their demo machines.

What prompted this sudden quantum leap in computing technology?

Glad you asked.

I have a client, see, and I’m working on a job for this client. The job was actually due three months ago, but the client hasn’t given me the files I need until now.

When I’m an inconvenient distance from home. And by “inconvienient distance,” I mean “as far as it is possible to be and still be on the same continent.”

The additional parts of the job are on my home computer. Which means I had to get access to it so that I can finish the job. Since MacWorld is sponsoring wireless hot spots, that means putting a wireless card in my Mac so I can connect to my computer at home.

Which is pretty damn slick, really.

Anyway, I’ve been working on this job, in between MacWorld, hanging out with altenra, going to Power Exchange, and meeting some of the figures who make up San Francisco’s BDSM scene. (We had dinner with Jay Wiseman last night; he’s very cool, very down-to-earth.) Nothing quite like an emergency deadline to make a cross-country trip more…err, interesting.

This wireless thing is pretty cool. Think I’ll have to get a wireless router when I get back home.

By the way, the iPod Mini is pretty damn slick, and gorgeous, but I’m still not going to buy one.