Some Thoughts on Life

I’m back from visiting lacaba, and reasonably settled in, if a bit tired…a week off work makes it hard to get back into the rythm of things at the office.

And that’s a Good Thing.

Hilights of the week:

Meeting lacaba after talking to her for so long. She’s smart, creative, sexy, kinky, warm, and a whole lot of fun.

The naked crazy lady in the hotel lobby, screaming epithets and demanding coffee. Fourty minutes, five police squad cars, an ambulance, and a barricaded hotel door later, though, and it took on a different atmosphere…

The damn duck who mooned us and complained at us after I woke him up. In my own defense, I was making sure he was alive…

The humpy kite that we found at a dollar store. Once airborne, it wouldn’t stop bouncing up and down, rather like a dog on a leg.

Air hockey and skeeball — even if I did get robbed of a 50,000-point shot at the latter. Grr! But there was an arcade game of some variety whose splash screen showed a scantily-clad woman tied up in the cellar, and you can’t get enough of THAT for my entertainment dollar!

Voices in my head:
“Like, oh my God, it scared the shit out of me!”
“I didn’t know what to do with so much SPACE!”

It was SO cool of kellyv to let me go out there…do I have the coolest wife or what?